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Thank you for taking the time to visit Prepare Respond Recover .com.

Our Mission is to provide Safety Planning and Disaster Response and Recovery support to Individuals and Small-to-Midsize Businesses. [ * ]

No one wants to believe that a disaster can strike them — these extremes of weather and tragic mishaps are the stuff of newscasts and always happen "somewhere else." But the reality is that none of us knows when the next Special Report might be covering news from our own backyard.

The best chance for a fast and complete Disaster Recovery is built on the foundation of Preparedness. That's why we are working around the clock to provide tools and information that will help you Prepare for, Respond to, and Recover from natural and man-made disasters.

[ * ] Where "small business" as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Size Standards can employ as many as 1,500 persons and/or generate up to $40 Million in revenue annually depending upon the NAICS 2012 Classification (current as of February 2016; please refer to 13 CFR §121.201 for further information)].


Climate Data
Online Data Tools


Find a Station
Locate weather observing stations using a variety of parameters such as address, ZIP code, date, and data type with filters by observation type

Select a Location
Order data by weather observing stations or by geographic locations using a simplified drill-down interface with data from U.S. and other countries

1981-2010 Normals
View temperature and precipitation Climate Normals for over 9,800 stations across the United States and a selection of other territories

Daily Weather Records
Access summaries of recent global and U.S. daily weather records with options to view monthly, annual, all-time or selected records

Local Climatological Data (LCD)
View and order hourly, daily, and monthly data from nearly 2400 locations within the U.S., surrounding territories, and other selected areas

Marine Data
View and order historical marine data which is comprised of ship, buoy, and platform observations from 1662 to present

F R A U D  A L E R T
Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft And Other Criminal Activity Including Hacking, Imposterizing, Phishing, And More ...

Photo Credit: FEMA

Gotham Shield July 2017

New York, N.Y., Jul. 21, 2017--The New Jersey Army National Guard (NJANG) Aviation Program generously offered their support to conduct an aerial view/survey of the Gotham Shield Exercise covering the New York / New Jersey area. FEMA Region II and NYCEM personnel were among those who took part in the flights. The overall objective was to gain increased training knowledge and experience from an 'outside-in' approach and to improve our national capacity to build, sustain, and deliver core capabilities. FEMA/K.C.Wilsey Photo by Kenneth Wilsey - Jul 21, 2017

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Building Disaster Resistant Communities: About .net .org ...

About PRR .com .net .org
Safety Planning and Disaster Response and Recovery Support Since 1999

Remembering 9/11
With Our Thanks To
National Geographic


View Realtime and Submit Your Own Photos To The ESRI Hurricane Irma September 2017 Crowdsource Photo Story Map. This Crowdsource Story Map of Hurricane Irma impacts will be used by decision makers for situational awareness.


FEMA Ready

Individuals or organizations who would like to order printed copies of FEMA Ready publications can do so by emailing FEMA's Publications Warehouse or by calling 1-800-BE-READY (1-800-237-3239).

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has also made files for the Ready Campaign's publications available to the public to download at no cost. Visit or call 1-800-BE-READY (1-800-237-3239) TTY# 1-800-464-6161 Go

Hurricane Floyd: Princeville, NC. A Search and Rescue Team brings in dozens of stranded dogs. Rescuing stranded pets became a priority, as many towns along the Tar River remained under water. Photo by Dave Saville / FEMA News Photo

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Weather Reports

U.S. Graphical Go

Important Note:

In Accordance with
NWS Service Change Notice 16-16
of Mon Aug 1 2016:

Th[e] legacy web site was launched over a decade ago to provide accessibility to NWS weather products for the general public. The WNG website will be decommissioned as part of the NWSTG Re-Architecture project. The WNG web site is obsolete because NWS site is now the primary hub for NWS web services and data products. A list of options available for obtaining weather data normally found via the WNG URL is provided below.

WNG Site Data Link:
Alternative Links

United States Weather:

Radar Graphics:

Weather Maps:

International Weather:

Aviation Weather:

Marine Weather:

Very Special Thanks To
The National Weather Service

An Important Note
About Weather Information




Nationwide Station

Using Broadcast Frequencies
162.400 MHz |162.425 MHz
162.450 MHz |162.475 MHz
162.500 MHz |162.525 MHz
162.550 MHz


Children's Needs
Strategies for parents, teachers, and child caregivers, ways to recognize stress in children, and age-specific interventions

Project KidCare

Talking with Children
During Tough Times

10 Tips for Parents, Teachers, and Child Caregivers

Coping With Disaster?
Prevail Instead!

A Survivor's Story Go
Share Your Story Go
How Can We Help You? Go

Find Your Local Chapter

FEMA Emergency
Institute (EMI)

Course IS-10.A:

Animals in Disasters:
Awareness and

Course Overview
This course is intended to help animal owners, care providers, and industries to understand incident management.

Course Objectives:
The objectives of this course are to increase awareness and preparedness among animal owners and care providers, and to describe how typical hazards affect animals and what can be done by responsible owners to reduce the impact of disasters.

Primary Audience
Animal owners and care providers.

Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society
of the United States

The best way to keep yourself and your family -- both people and animals -- safe when disaster strikes is to have a good disaster plan and The Humane Society of the United States can help you get ready in case of an emergency. No matter what the specifics of your plan, follow this basic safety rule: If you are told to evacuate, leave immediately and take your animals. If it's not safe for you, it's not safe for them.

HSUS Disaster Planning:

For Pets Go
For Horses Go
For Livestock Go
For Tornadoes Go
Everyday Emergencies Go
Preparedness Quiz


Pledge To Take
Your Pets With You!

Unfortunately, some pet owners are not prepared when a disaster strikes and many pets -- especially cats -- are left behind to fend for themselves.

Disasters can happen at any time. Pledge now to take all pets with you -- and plan ahead by preparing an emergency kit.

Photo Credit: FEMA


Inspiration, Meditation, Healing

On Facing Adversity

Prayers And Meditations
On The Challenges Of Waging Peace

Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.  Albert Einstein

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